Polychute Ultimate RV Sewer Hoses
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Become a 'PolyRep' today
Polychute, LLC has designed the perfect opportunity for our customers to exercise their entrepreneurial muscle.
First of all, you have purchased a 'Polychute' for yourself because it's simply the best available product of its kind. Second, as you do with all things RV, you share your experiences, good or bad, with anybody that will listen.
The question is, how often do you get paid for your sage advice or brilliant recommendations to your fellow campers?
This business opportunity is very unique and straightforward. Your total investment is the Polychute system you bought for yourself and the computer expense you are now paying to read this letter and access the web.
There are no inventory requirements, no territories, and no middleman distributors. It is quite simply your ability to contact other people like yourself on the Internet or in person. Once qualified and licensed as a ‘PolyRep’ you will have a secure code linked to this site for every order you generate.
Polychute is only available for purchase consumer direct through this site and at only one price. Period. As a PolyRep you will receive a flat rate commission per hose on a monthly basis that originated with your identity code.
For those of you who are addicted to social networking or can’t wait to get to the next rally, this could turn into a serious income opportunity.
How do I get Started?
Your first step in becoming a PolyRep is to Purchase Your Own Polychute, then you can register and be on your way as a PolyRep.
Already A PolyRep?
If you are already signed up as a PolyRep...
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