Polychute Ultimate RV Sewer Hoses
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the polychute story
Polychute, LLC was formed in 2008 with one goal at its foundation; to create the ultimate RV sewer hose assembly. It was determined that improvements on existing methods would not accomplish this. As a result, the Polychute team set out on a path of total re-invention.
First it was imperative to create a flexible hose that would last through thousands of use cycles without the typical problems of wear-through, rust through, puncture, crushing, and weather degradation from extreme heat or cold. This was accomplished by designing a solid external helical wear strip with a spring effect without the use of wire. This helical and its connecting wall are constructed as one, from a newly compounded TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanite). Simply put . . . rubberized plastic. This super-tough external wear strip solves the typical abrasion problems and also protects the outer wall, while creating a smooth-flow interior.
Secondly, this revolutionary hose needed to be permanently mated with fittings that eliminated the need for assembly, thus creating one unified waste delivery system that works easily the first time and every time without leaks.
Given the desire by most RVer's to have a clear-vu fitting . . . the Polychute has one at both ends of the hose. If you want to know when your system is running clear, clean water . . . doesn't it make sense to know it at the end of the process?
One look at the 'Polylock' coach adapter (that fits snugly with all pipe outlet nubs) tells you that this is a serious piece of equipment. Four internal snap-lock prongs with and easy grip ring and permanent seal guarantees ease of use with no leaks.
Polychute believes passionately that safe, clean dumping cannot rely on one gate valve for the entire dumping process. This is the main reason that the integrated Valve/Nozzle is provided at the termination point. This component all but forces responsible waste disposal with perhaps the most important Polychute invention . . . the Septic Inlet Adapter that affixes to the Valve Nozzle. Don't let its unassuming look fool you. Because of another TPV compound, it creates a secure and leak-proof fit with every inlet out there, threaded or not.
Thirdly, there is a belief at Polychute that every component in an RV should be warranted and serviced by the people that made it. To insure customer satisfaction, all transactions and communications are factory direct through this secure web site, www.polychute.com, and backed by a team of real RV people. Leading the team is Michael Ingram at the corporate office in Huntington Beach, California, a 44 year veteran of every phase in the RV industry. Heading up R&D is Doug Swarts of Drain Master, LLC in Hollister, California. The Director of IT is Tom Utterback of Paradigm Solutions, Inc. in Garden Grove, California. All phases of manufacture, assembly and shipping are under Ingram's direction at the Riverside, California plant. The Polychute name is extremely proud to be followed with the statement: Made in the USA.
This intimate involvement with the consumer allows Polychute to guarantee customer satisfaction with a complete replacement policy for material or workmanship defects in their system as long as they own and use it responsibly. Ingram states, "The guarantee is between you the RVer and me. I put 4 times the cost of materials and workmanship into this product than the next closest competitor and sell it at twice the price. Only time will tell if you, the RV consumer are ready for a quality product or business as usual."
The future of Polychute includes their waste transfer products to be original equipment on all RVs when they are manufactured. Ingram states, "Forward thinking RV manufacturers, including myself, should have incorporated the complete waste solution in our products decades ago. I will not rest until this wrong is righted. Until that day, we will provide the next best thing direct to the consumer and stand behind its quality all the way."
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