Polychute Ultimate RV Sewer Hoses
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Polychute RV Sewer Hose Assembly

RVer’s . . . Join the ‘Polychute’ Revolution!
The days of the ‘throw-away’ sewer hose are over! Polychute has re-invented the whole concept of RV waste disposal from one end to the other.
The RV lifestyle must become safer, cleaner and greener in order to protect it. We at Polychute are proud to offer this revolutionary product toward that reality.
Available now, direct to you from our manufacturing facility in California, USA. We invented it . . . we make it . . . and guarantee it!
We are not accepting new orders at this time while we celebrate the Holidays with Family and Friends.
Polylock Adapter Polychute Hose Polychute Hose Polychute Hose Polychute Nozzle
  Locking Storage Cap
  Easy, Secure, Twist-Lock
  Embedded Seal
  Clear-Vu Swivel Barrel
  Permanent Hose Coupling
    Industrial TPV Grade Hose
  External Helical Wear Barrier
  Spring Effect (No Wire)
  Crush, Abrasion, Puncture and De-Lam Proof
  UV and Fire Proof
    Permanent Hose Coupling
  Clear-Vu Swivel Barrel
  Triple Seal On/Off Valve
  Secure, All Inlet Adapter
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